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Interface: SwcConfigFactory

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Interface SwcConfigFactory

Interface Overview

This interface defines a factory for SVN Web Control (SWC) configuration.

This interface defines a factory for SVN Web Control (SWC) configuration. There are two ways of applying configurations via Configuration Factory:

  1. In the root folder of a project that should be controlled via SWC is a frameset page. This frameset page offers just on frame. The source url of that frame points to swc/start.php and has a argument that points to the SWC configuration file for that project. This means the frame src could be swc/start.php?config=../conf.php. The path of the config file must be relative to SWC directory from SWCs point of view. The example above assumes that SWC is located within root/swc directory. By the way, it is a good idea to place the project also into a subdirectory of root, just keep everything clean and separated. Within this configuration file there must be function called GetSwcConfigFactory() that returns the implementation object of SwcConfigFactory and provides the config for the project.
  2. If a configuration factory is not provided as described above, SWC takes the config factory instance proivded within .swc/config/std_config_factory.php. This factory needs to be implemented in a way, that it returns Configurations for all projects that should be controled by SWC.
Both scenarios described above has some advantages but also some disadvantages. It depends highly on the development rules and environment, which one to use. However, examples for both scenarios are provided together SWC. Have a look into the html root directory for scenario 1 and into swc/config for scenario 2.

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  • Stefan Schraml
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Since:  v1.0.0


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Method Summary
array   GetSwcConfigs()   Returns an array of SwcConfig objects.

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GetSwcConfigs  [line 81]

  array GetSwcConfigs( )

Returns an array of SwcConfig objects.

Returns an array of SwcConfig objects. These objects represents configured projects that are selectable within the project list, if more than one project is returned.

API Tags:
Return:  Array of configured projects.
Access:  public
See:  SwcConfig

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Since:  v1.0.0

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